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Alexei Navalny on the change in the leadership of ACF International

March 23, 2023

Maria Pevchikh, the founder and permanent head of our investigative unit, has been appointed the new Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of ACF International.


Documentary Film “Navalny” Wins Academy Award

March 15, 2023

Director Daniel Roher dedicated the award to Alexei and all political prisoners.


ACF Launches Campaign to Open Beneficiary Registers

March 14, 2023

We will push each country that closes its beneficiary registers to set up procedures for journalists and civil society representatives to be able to access them.


ACF Sets Priorities

March 10, 2023

We are compiling top 200 lists of warmongers to be sanctioned on a priority basis by the U.S., EU and UK. There will be a separate list for each jurisdiction.


ACF Investigation Reveals the Luxurious Life of Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva

March 3, 2023

The Anti-Corruption Foundation and The Project showcased the glamorous life of Vladimir Putin and his mistress Alina Kabaeva. The interiors of their palace are literally filled with gold.


Subjects of ACF Investigations Included in New US Sanctions List

February 28, 2023

On the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States introduced a large package of sanctions against supporters of Putin's regime. Among them are several individuals who were subjects of recent investigations by the Anti-Corruption Foundation.


War Financers Added to the ACF 6,000 List

February 24, 2023

Our list has been expanded to include a separate category of those who help the Putin regime seek funds to continue the war against Ukraine.


ACF Requests UK to Seize Assets of Chief Designer of Soyuz Plant

February 20, 2023

The Soyuz plant develops engines for cruise missiles which are used by Russia to shell Ukraine. Meanwhile, its chief designer and his family run a business and own real estate in Great Britain.


Alexei Navalny's Political Platform, Timed to the One-Year Anniversary of the Start of the War in Ukraine

February 20, 2023

Alexei Navalny's platform includes 15 theses from a citizen of Russia who desires the best for their country.


Government Officials and Election Fraudsters Put on the ACF 6,000 List

February 10, 2023

The biggest update to our list in months includes chairmen of election commissions and heads of regional executive bodies.


ACF asks Montenegro, Switzerland, and Italy to impose sanctions against Putin's accomplices

February 9, 2023

Putinist warmongers lead luxurious lives in Montenegro, Italy, and Switzerland. We requested the authorities of these countries to seize their assets.


How to Speed Up Sanctions on Putin's Accomplices - Instructions for US and UK Residents

February 6, 2023

We have published instructions on how to reach out to US and UK MPs and demand sanctions against Putin's accomplices. This is an important step towards stopping the war.


Brother of Putin's aide sues sues ACF for inclusion on list of warmongers

February 1, 2023

Levitin appealing to the court shows that Putin's oligarchs consider being put on our list a wake-up call to the possibility of losing their foreign assets.


200 kleptocrats and warmongers to be prioritized for European sanctions

January 27, 2023

We have prepared a list of 200 officials, military officers, oligarchs, kleptocrats and other key supporters of Putin's regime, who should be placed under the European sanctions on a priority basis.


ACF opened the "SHIZO" art object in Berlin - a replica of the punishment cell in which Alexei Navalny is being held

January 24, 2023

You can see the conditions in which Navalny is being kept, go inside this concrete cage, sit there, and experience a fraction of what Alexei is going through.


We are launching a campaign to free Alexei Navalny

January 17, 2023

Join us to contribute to Alexei's release and free Russia from Putin.


ACF kicks off 2023 with new kleptocrats and warmongers

January 13, 2023

The first update of the new year features confidants of the head of Sberbank and members of the working group on mobilization.


ACF requests France to impose sanctions against the wife of Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister

January 10, 2023

Right now, the wife of one of Putin’s top military officers is laundering money earned from the Ukrainian war in France. We asked the government of the Republic of France to expel her from the country and freeze all the assets of her family.


Holiday update of the ACF sanctions lists

December 30, 2022

The last update in 2022 features showbiz heroes and socialites, who are also bribetakers and warmongers.


The Sakharov Prize awarded to Navalny has been transferred to the ACF

December 26, 2022

You too can contribute to the fight against Putin, as Alexei did.


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