Prioritisation of Top 200 lists

May 10, 2024

This week we finalised our list of Vladimir Putin's proxies for the 2024 election. It was a lot of work, for the help in which we are grateful to the volunteers of Navalny's Headquarters. Each of the dictator's proxies has received an individualised description. In addition, we collected evidence of their many ties to the regime in the present and the past. We plan to continue this work for the Top 200 lists, which contain the names of those who should be sanctioned as a priority.  We plan to give each person on these lists a fuller and more personalised description of the grounds for inclusion on the 6000 list. In parallel, we will gather evidence for the imposition of restrictive measures against them and links to open sources of information.

If you have information about inaccuracies in our ‘6000 list’ or believe someone is or is not included there in error, email us at [email protected].

Any changes that have been made to the 6,000 List since the last update can be viewed here. We would also like to remind you that searching the list has become even more convenient with the "Sanctions Tracker" service.


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