Fidelity to the principle of active repentance

March 15, 2024

This week, the European Union published a decision to lift sanctions on Arkady Volozh, the founder of Yandex. Such decisions are made without any public justification. But we can say with a high degree of certainty that it was the result of the actions of an entrepreneur who severed his business ties with Russia, withdrew his assets and publicly condemned the war. The EU believes that the purpose of the sanctions has been achieved because the behavior of the sanctioned individual has changed. 

Having examined this situation, ACF currently sees no reason to exclude Arkady Volozh from the 6,000 List. We remind you that in addition to condemnation of the war, active repentance is a necessary condition for us. For someone who has long supported Putin's regime and helped to establish it, these actions described above are not enough for lifting sanctions. To return to this issue, we expect the entrepreneur to take actions to oppose Putin's regime using his capital, knowledge or influence. 

In addition, we continue to update the list of Vladimir Putin's authorized representatives, and we have made some improvements to keep the 6,000 List up to date.

If you have any information about inaccuracies in our 6,000 List or believe that someone is or is not included there by mistake, please contact us at [email protected].

Any changes that have been made to the 6,000 List since the last update can be viewed here. We would also like to remind you that searching the list has become even more convenient with the "Sanctions Tracker" service.


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