The House Foreign Affairs Committee approves ACF’s list of top 200 warmongers

September 15, 2022

US senators have discussed the list of 200 warmongers and human rights violators based on our recommendations. Sanctions should be imposed on them on a priority basis. The list has been approved by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. It will soon be reviewed by the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.

The top 200 list includes those on our 6000 List who have not yet been blacklisted in the US. They are military officers, federal ministers, State Duma deputies, security officials, propagandists and oligarchs who form the foundation of Putin’s criminal regime.

The new top list also includes 14 names from the list of people involved in the poisoning of Alexei Navalny. This list of 35 criminals was compiled back in 2021. However, some of them have not yet been sanctioned by the US. We hope that this situation will soon be rectified. 

We originally prepared our top 200 list at the request of the UK. The US removed about a dozen and a half people who were already under US sanctions from it, and replaced them with other people close to Putin.

Our shortlist includes oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Iskander Makhmudov, propagandists Konstantin Ernst, Ekaterina Andreeva and Margarita Simonyan, head of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova, and 194 more associates of Putin. They are directly responsible for the war of aggression in Ukraine and should be sanctioned first and foremost. 

We will also continue to pursue sanctions against the entire list of 6,000 war enablers. However, they still have a chance to avoid sanctions. In particular, we exclude from the list those who publicly condemn the war and refuse to support Putin’s criminal regime. If you have any suggestions for changing the list, write to [email protected].

other news

Officials of the Executive Branch and Presidential Administration of Russia are in the spotlight

September 29, 2023

This week we updated our 6,000 list for one of the largest and most important categories, which includes top federal officials in the Executive Branch.


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