Revision of the ACF sanctions lists

December 02, 2022

Starting this week, we are launching a big campaign to update our sanctions lists. It will affect those warmongers who, by virtue of their position, contribute to the aggression against Ukraine on a daily basis. This includes individuals who are directly involved in planning and waging the war, such as employees of the Ministry of Defense, and those who make its continuation possible by carrying out repressions against civil society, securing additional resources for the war, or otherwise maintaining Putin's regime.

We have already stated that resigning from a sanctioned position does not mean exclusion from the ACF 6,000 List, unless it is accompanied by active repentance. However, as new civil servants accept positions, rotate or resign, we conduct revisions and add new collaborators of the regime as well as update the status of those who are already on the list so that the information remains up to date. 

In addition, this week we expanded the list of propagandists by adding the heads of state and private companies that distribute Russian propaganda. They all ensure satellite broadcasts of calls to continue the war, kill Ukrainian citizens, destroy civilian infrastructure, and suppress the anti-war opposition. Without these companies, it would be impossible to justify the war in the eyes of the population.

All the updates can be viewed here and here. You can use our Sanctions Tracker to see who has already fallen under restrictions. Also, feel free to send your suggestions for changes to the lists to [email protected].


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