Putin killed Alexei Navalny. Yulia Navalnaya will continue his work

February 19, 2024

Alexei Navalny was killed in the Polar Wolf special regime colony (IK-3) in the settlement of Kharp, in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. Prison officials claimed that Navalny passed out after his walk, and doctors were unable to revive him. His death occurred on February 16 at 2:17 pm. But the whole world knows that Navalny was killed on Putin's direct orders. Now they are trying to cover it up, so they are not releasing his body to his relatives.

The investigative committee announced a preliminary investigation into the causes of death and did not release the body to the relatives under this pretext. In the same way, Putin's security forces held Navalny after his poisoning in 2020 and did not allow him to be taken abroad for proper medical treatment. And then they did not release his belongings for an independent investigation. All this was necessary to cover up the traces of the poisoning with the chemical weapon Novichok. Now that Putin has killed Navalny after all, the situation is repeating itself.

Putin killed Navalny because he couldn't break him. He couldn't silence him and force him to give up his fight and his beliefs, especially his belief in a free and happy Russia. And that is what Putin could not and will not destroy - his voice, his beliefs and his values. The Anti-Corruption Foundation will continue to work and fight for these values. The work of Alexei Navalny will be continued by his wife Yulia Navalnaya.


Alexei Navalny was a leader and a symbol of hope for millions of people. After his assassination, supporters around the world took to the streets to commemorate him and demand answers from his killer. Commemorative events were held in cities across Europe, the United States and, of course, Russia. Thousands of people in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara and very small cities laid flowers and organized spontaneous memorials, despite arrests and beatings by security forces. And this confirms once again that Alexei Navalny was right: Russians are brave and courageous, they deserve to live in a free and prosperous country. And we will definitely win.

Navalny's murder shocked the whole world. The UN called for an independent investigation into his death. Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, expressed her sadness at the death and said: "This is what Putin and his regime are all about." Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, said that all the facts about Navalny’s death must be established and that Russia "must answer serious questions". US President Joe Biden gave a special speech and said Putin was directly responsible for Navalny's death. Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said he was shocked by the reports of Navalny's death and held Putin responsible.

"I'm shocked by the media reports about the death of Alexei Navalny, a very brave man who dedicated his life to saving Russia's honor by giving hope to democrats and civil society. While we wait for more information, we should be clear that the responsibility for this lies solely with Putin."

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation will call on politicians and democratic countries to join forces against Putin's criminal regime. Putin and his allies must be held accountable for Navalny's death and their other crimes.


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