The executive authorities of the regions are in the spotlight.

December 29, 2023

Yesterday, the Central Election Commission approved the list of Vladimir Putin's authorized representatives. As announced, we will include them all in the 6,000 list and work to ensure that as many countries as possible impose sanctions against them. Each of them has voluntarily agreed to support war, murder, poverty and oppression. There is no doubt that this public stance deserves sanctions.

We continue to update the 6,000 list in relation to those who can be called second persons in the executive branch of the Russian regions. These are deputy governors, deputy heads of administration, government chairmen or their deputies. The structure of government bodies varies from one constituent state to another, so updating the lists requires meticulous work to compare the positions and powers with the ACF criteria.

We have also updated the list of priority sanctions of the European Union. Some of the individuals listed there have been included in the 12th sanctions package. In their place, we have added deputy chairmen of the Russian Central Bank and anti-corruption heroes.

In addition, we have made some clarifications to keep the 6,000 list up to date.

If you have any information about inaccuracies in the 6,000 list or if you believe someone is incorrectly listed there or not, please contact us via [email protected].

Any changes that have been made to the 6,000 list since the last update can be viewed here. We would also like to remind you that searching the list has become even more convenient with the "Sanctions Tracker" service.


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