Corruption kills. As Ukrainian cities are bombed by Putin, this has never been more obvious. Putin and his circle have done everything to stay in power — and steal, and steal, and steal some more. High on their own supply, they started a devastating war.

But we have the power to make sure that these murderers and thieves can’t enjoy their ill-gotten gains. We will find all of their mansions in Monaco, their villas in Miami, their riches everywhere — and when we do, we will take everything from the criminal Russian elite.

We have been fighting Putin since 2011. We will fight him until we win.

Defeat Putin

I believe the people who started this war are bandits and criminals. The fact that they are bombing people simply to continue stealing means that I’ve done everything right since 2011 — when I created Anti-Corruption Foundation to fight this criminal regime.

Everything has a price, and now, in the spring of 2022, we must pay this price. There's no one to do it for us. Let’s not “be against the war.” Let’s fight against the war.

Aleхei Navalny

Mr. Navalny knew what awaited him, because he knows as well as the dissidents of the Soviet era knew that the one thing a corrupt and authoritarian regime cannot abide is the truth. “I am not afraid. I know that I am in the right.”

The New York Times

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Putin and his accomplices (officials, oligarchs, propagandists), as well as yachts and mansions, which, we hope, they will soon be deprived of.



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