Putin's authorized representatives in the ACF 6,000 list

January 09, 2024

This special update is dedicated almost exclusively to Vladimir Putin's authorized representatives, whose list was approved by the Central Election Commission of Russia at the end of December. Each of these representatives has volunteered to support the president's policies. They not only support aggressive war, oppression, and poverty themselves but also contribute to prolonging them for as long as possible. None of them are fooled by the propaganda. For all of them, supporting a war criminal is a pragmatic calculation. More than half of Putin's representatives are directly connected to the state, head budget organizations, or are officials at various levels. Therefore, by supporting mass murder and corruption, they are simply trying to keep their positions and good salaries.

The second part of the list is closely related to the President as well. These are the public figures who are ready to obediently justify any actions of the state in public chambers, trade unions dependent on the authorities, or "patriotic" organizations. These people are willing to sacrifice the future of the country and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians to preserve their social position. There is no doubt that this public support for Putin in the "elections" deserves sanctions.

A glance at the lists shows that the sanctions are having an effect. There are fewer authorized representatives than last time. There are no current athletes among them for whom supporting a dictator would mean the end of their career. There are only those who have taken on the role of coaches in domestic organizations. There are also no well-known public figures who are "not into politics" on the list. No one wants to stand in a pool of blood, except those who are already soaked in it from head to toe. Even among celebrities and cultural figures, only those who have backed the president from the outset and have nothing left to lose because of the sanctions already imposed have supported him. The situation is similar with business representatives. All this shows that the consistent sanctions policy is working. Those who are looking to the future and whose lives do not depend on the state do not want to be associated with the criminal regime and its leader. For them, the threat of sanctions outweighs the potential benefits, even if the presidential administration is never stingy before elections. Those who have sided with evil by supporting Putin should feel the consequences of their decision. The willingness to agitate for war and publicly support the president's aggressive policies is a strong argument for sanctions in the EU, the US, or the UK. That is the outcome we will seek for them. Not only to punish certain helpers of evil but also to show everyone else that a public stance will not go unnoticed.

We will continue our active work on authorized representatives and complete the list with their data and information about their connections to the state, which were shamefully omitted from Vladimir Putin's election website.

In addition, we have made some clarifications to keep the ACF 6,000 list up to date.

If you have information about inaccuracies in our 6,000 list, or if you believe someone is or is not listed there in error, please contact us at [email protected].

Any changes that have been made to the list since the last update can be viewed here. We would also like to remind you that searching the list has become even more convenient with the "Sanctions Tracker" service.


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