ACF kicks off 2023 with new kleptocrats and warmongers

January 13, 2023

The latest update to the ACF 6,000 List includes confidants of Herman Gref, who helped the head of Russia's largest bank, which has fallen under every possible sanction, hide his assets in Europe and evade the European Union's restrictive measures. These people have built an offshore empire for Gref, laundering sums that exceed by many times even the considerable income of the head of Sberbank, storing and investing his money in Europe. The corruption that pervades all of Russia's elites is what made the war possible, what made them keep quiet in exchange for permission to plunder the country freely. Their assets in Europe, however, are a vulnerable point that needs to be hit.

We also included members of the working group on mobilization and mobilization training created by Putin who were not on our list before. Those who help send Russian citizens to war against Ukraine, turning them into murderers and criminals, leaving them to die on foreign soil, certainly deserve to be sanctioned.

In addition, we have made some minor corrections to the list to keep it up to date. You can view all of the changes here, or study the list in its entirety at the Sanctions Tracker website.

other news

Top Management of Rosatom Included in the ACF 6,000 List

May 26, 2023

The latest update also features employees of the Executive Office of the Government of Russia and the subjects of our most recent investigations.


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