List of bribetakers
and warmongers

Putin and his accomplices (officials, oligarchs, propagandists), as well as yachts and mansions, which, we hope, they will soon be deprived of.

View those who have already been sanctioned

Sanctions tracker

War Arrangers

Security council members

30 persons

Military staff and accomplices of Russian occupation

206 persons


Federal media

386 persons

Chief editors and management of regional TV channels

149 persons

Regional press

244 persons

Individuals involved in corruption

Investigations subjects

618 persons

Regional investigations subjects

273 persons


72 persons

Putin’s Public Supporters

Presidential proxies in elections

468 persons

Senior Federal Officials

Executive branch and presidential administration employees

504 persons

Members of Parliament and Senate

State Duma

448 persons

Federation Council

186 persons

Region Heads


93 persons

Key Local Government Officials


800 persons

Speakers of the regional legislative assemblies

91 persons

State Bankers

Central Bank employees, board members

33 persons

Heads of public funds

41 persons

‘United Russia’ party Functionaries

Federal and regional party leaders

323 persons

Key ‘siloviki’ (security forces) figures

Ministry of Internal Affairs

95 persons

Federal Security Services

88 persons

National Guard of Russia

100 persons

Investigative Committee of Russia

111 persons

Prosecutor’s Office

120 persons

Organizers of political repressions

Judges, prosecutors, state investigators

853 persons

Internet censors

70 persons

Election fraud organizers

Heads of the Central Election Commission and local election commissions

113 persons

Sellout opinion leaders

Celebrities, influencers and bloggers

162 persons

Public supporters of Putin

93 persons



314 persons


167 persons


23 persons


31 persons

Ideologists of war

32 persons

Top Management of State Owned Companies

Managers and their deputies, board members and boards of directors

537 persons

Lists for the priority sanctioning

Top 200 bribetakers and warmongers (UK)

200 persons

Top 200 bribetakers and warmongers (EU)

200 persons

War Financers

183 persons

Top 200 bribetakers and warmongers (US)

200 persons

Full sanctions list

Contributors to the war, pdf

7162 persons

Contributors to the war, csv

7162 persons

List updates

Changes from 06.05.2022

55 persons

Changes from 20.05.2022

166 persons

Changes from 03.06.2022

47 persons

Changes from 17.06.2022

62 persons

Changes from 01.07.2022

113 persons

Changes from 15.07.2022

49 persons

Changes from 29.07.2022

73 persons

Changes from 12.08.2022

77 persons

Changes from 26.08.2022

129 persons

Changes from 09.09.2022

63 persons

Changes from 23.09.2022

24 persons

Changes from 07.10.2022

9 persons

Changes from 21.10.2022

15 persons

Changes from 04.11.2022

16 persons

Changes from 18.11.2022

14 persons

Changes from 02.12.2022

79 persons

Changes from 16.12.2022

83 persons

Changes from 30.12.2022

41 persons

Charges from 13.01.2023

21 persons

Changes from 27.01.2023

6 persons

Changes from 10.02.2023

217 persons

Changes from 24.02.2023

111 persons

Changes from 10.03.2023

36 persons

Changes from 31.03.2023

28 persons

Changes from 14.04.2023

22 persons

Changes from 28.04.2023

23 persons

Changes from 12.05.2023

39 persons

Changes from 26.05.2022

95 persons

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